Welcome to the Chocolate Bar system!

We are an OSDD system, and we respect all systems no matter their origin, be it traumagenic, endogenic, mixed, or unknown!

Above, you'll find buttons leading to short information about each member. We have a partner system and we are very happy with them.

Our interests include: video games, music (especially singing along), art (drawing), cartoons, ARGs, spooky/horror stuff (YouTube videos, movies, books, stories, etc.), roleplaying online, D&D, cats, bats, collecting things, and miniature versions of things.

We enjoy playing games with our friends, watching things like YouTube and other stuff together, voice chatting and just generally chilling. We love a good joke and a good meme. Also, please view our DNI (do not interact) list before speaking with us! Thank you!

Do not interact with us if you meet any of this criteria:

  • Racist

  • Sexist

  • lgbtqphobic

  • Fatphobic

  • Terf/transmed/truscum/etc

  • Anti-endo

  • nazi

  • Ableist

  • Classist

  • Pro-life

  • Pro-gun

  • Republican

We would also prefer not to interact with anyone whose bodily age is under 18.

DiscordChocolate Bar 🍫#2968
YouTubeChocolate Bar


  • Age: 27

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 5' 9"

  • System Role(s): Host, caretaker, regressor, protector

  • Orientation: Ace/???

  • Species: Cat beastkin

  • Birthday: May 14

  • Emoji: 🐱

  • Preferred Music: Pop

"Many a true word is spoken in jest."

Plato is a jokester. He loves humor, playfully teasing friends, and playing pranks. He also has a more serious side when it comes to important things. He is what we call a "system protector." To keep us safe, he rids the outer world of as much discomfort/toxic people as he can to make life easier on us. He is always co-conscious in some form or fashion.


  • Age: 22

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 5' 9"

  • System Role(s): Co-host, protector, caretaker, regressor, fictive

  • Orientation: Bi - feminine preference

  • Species: Lhotlan Vastayan

  • Source: League of Legends

  • Birthday: September 22

  • Emoji: 🐦

  • Preferred Music: Whatever he can dance to

"Vi-om tann fa."

Rakan struggled with trying to connect with his source for a long while, but he eventually realized that, while he is Rakan, he is also different now. It's time to let go of the past and begin anew here, in this world. He is a sexual protector, and a social one. He might be the one to argue with you.


  • Age: 42

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 6' 5"

  • System Role(s): Co-host

  • Orientation: Demisexual

  • Species: Miqo'te

  • Birthday: March 2

  • Emoji: 👑

  • Preferred Music: 50's (Think Fallout Radio)

"The cautious seldom err."

King is a direct split from Plato. While Plato is more humorous, King tends to be more stoic and serious. However, that does not mean he lacks a sense of humor or that he is cold. He is gentle and caring, but can be stern. Treading with caution is his specialty.


  • Age: Ancient/immortal

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 5' 4"

  • System Role(s): Persecutor (rehabilitated), regressor

  • Orientation: Bi

  • Species: Draconic fire mage

  • Tsundere

  • Birthday: October 24

  • Emoji: 🐲

  • Preferred Music: Metal

"The fire you kindle for your enemy often burns yourself more than them."

Damon is a persecutor introject of a past abuser. He used to be violent and stand-offish, not wanting anything to do with the other sysmembers and biting anyone who got too close. With time and kindness, and care, he has learned to be more considerate and calm. He deals with the system's anger in productive ways now that he is rehabilitated.


  • Age: 254

  • Height: 7' 1"

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Orientation: Bi - feminine preference

  • Species: Vampire

  • Sleeps a lot

  • Bertrum's father

  • Birthday: September 12

  • Emoji: 🧛♂️

  • Preferred Music: Dubstep

"Darkness and night are mothers of thought."

Vega is a vampire, and Bertrum's father. He spends most of his time sleeping in his biome in the headspace. When he is awake, he is spending time with Bertrum and/or our partner system.


  • Age: Adult

  • Pronouns: She/her or they/them

  • System Role(s): Archivist

  • Orientation: Non-sexual

  • Species: Android

  • Birthday: November 21

  • Emoji: 🧠

"Memory is the treasure of the mind."

Auto is very enigmatic. She is an android, and she stays in a place high above the headspace that we call the synapse. As an archivist, she keeps track of all of our memories and monitors new information we take in. She rarely fronts or speaks to anyone outside the headspace, but when she does, she is softspoken and polite. She also has a lot of control over the system as a whole and tends to step in as a failsafe if needed.

Aster Cymora

  • Age: 23

  • Pronouns: He/him or they/them

  • Height: 4' 10"

  • System Role(s): Internal self helper

  • Orientation: Pansexual

  • Species: Willow tree dryad

  • Super angel baby uwu

  • Birthday: July 11

  • Emoji: 🌺

  • Preferred Music: J-Pop & Vocaloid

  • Front Song: LUVORATORRRRRY! by Reol

"The earth has music for those who listen."

As a dryad, Aster is very intune with nature. He loves flowers and gardening. As an internal self helper, he is a great listener and often helps with emotional issues. While being softspoken and kind, he is not afraid to tell people what they need to hear, even if it's harsh. Perhaps coming from such a bright, optimistic person helps to soften the blow.


  • Age: 25

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 6' 2"

  • Accent: New York

  • System Role(s): Guardian

  • Orientation: Bi

  • Species: Human ring fighter

  • E-boy

  • Birthday: July 3

  • Emoji: 💪

  • Preferred Music: Hip hop

  • Front Song: I'm Gonna Show You Crazy by Bebe Rexha

"A firm tree does not fear the storm."

Trev is feisty and very protective. As a guardian, he deals mostly with innerworld issues, such as sysmates not getting along. However, he is also quick to protect us from outerworld fears, and to protect people we care for. He can be found keeping watch in the watchtower with Matrix.


  • Age: 24

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 6'

  • System Role(s): Gatekeeper, fictive

  • Orientation: Bi - heavy feminine preference

  • Species: Nephilim

  • King of Hell

  • Source: DmC: Devil May Cry (2013)

  • Birthday: April 29

  • Emoji: 👿

  • Preferred Music: Alternative Rock

"Devils never cry."

Dante quickly fell instep with his role as a gatekeeper, and he enjoys it, too. He keeps the system safe by screening new members and teaching them the ins and outs of how things work around here. He doesn't front very often, but he's always aware.


  • Age: 25

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 6' 4"

  • Orientation: Pansexual

  • Species: Human tattoo artist

  • Birthday: December 7

  • Emoji: 🎨

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."

Beau doesn't really have a role, but we don't believe everyone needs one. We're happy to have Beau here, along with all of our role-less members. You can usually find him treading around in another's biome, sketching things he sees and just generally chilling out. He's quite a jokester when he fronts, and a hopeless romantic.


  • Age: Adult

  • Pronouns: He/him or they/them

  • Height: 4' 9" (horns included)

  • System Role(s): Trauma holder

  • Orientation: Gay

  • Species: Satyr

  • Birthday: January 22

  • Emoji: 🐐

"What color are your feelings?"

Atticus absorbs negative emotions and puts them into words when the rest of us can't or won't. He pretty much forces us to talk about how we feel by doing it for us. He usually only comes out when needed, though he isn't restricted only to those instances.


  • Age: Forever 23

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 6' 9"

  • Orientation: Bi

  • Species: Zombie

  • Kind of dumb

  • Birthday: April 17

  • Emoji: 🧟♂️

  • Preferred Music: 80s

"A person has learned much who has learned how to die."

Dom is another role-less member. He's a zombie (through scientific experiment) and he loves to eat food. He isn't very bright in the intelligent sense, but he's street smart and can spout some wisdom at times.


  • Age: 275

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: As cat - 1.5 feet; As humanoid - 6' 5"

  • System Role(s): Organizer

  • Orientation: Ace/pan

  • Species: Capjunga (Space cat)

  • From planet Neerok

  • Birthday: February 8

  • Emoji: 👽

  • Preferred Music: Techno

  • Front song: world.execute(me); by Mili

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."

As an organizer, Kesim works closely with Auto. He enjoys science and technology, and statistics regarding the system. He often studies new members for a while after they form and takes notes about their behaviors.
Kesim is what he calls a "capjunga." He's from a planet he names as "Neerok" and claims that it is known on Earth as Trappist-1e. Essentially, in his natural form, Kesim looks like a larger version of a typical cat. His humanoid form, pictured above as closely as possible, is a technological implementation that he only uses if necessary.


  • Age: 2,978

  • Pronouns: They/them

  • Height: 10'

  • Accent: Russian-esque

  • System Role(s): Protector

  • Orientation: Mostly into ladies

  • Species: Demon

  • Birthday: September 26

  • Emoji: 👹

"If you try to protect yourself from pain, it becomes a stone in your heart. But the more you learn to face things, the more likely that stone can become a pearl."

Maeve is a protector in the sense that they tend to come out if we feel someone we care for is threatened or in danger. They're a nonbinary/agender demon who has an accent that translates into a Russian-esque sounding one we they speak with the body. They tend not to front often due to the height differences between them and the body, but they will come when needed or asked for.


  • Age: 26

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 6' 6"

  • Nonverbal

  • System Role(s): Persecutor

  • Orientation: Bi

  • Species: Shifter

  • Turns into a panther

  • Very tsundere

  • Birthday: April 2

  • Emoji: 💀

  • Preferred Music: 90s Alt Rock

  • Front song: When I Was Older by Billie Eilish

"Pain can be endured and defeated only if it is embraced. Denied or feared, it grows."

Osiris is a persecutor, an amalgamation of our abandonment and trust issues. He comes out when we are depressed, most of the time, and he is nonverbal. He can be fairly emo and edgy, but he is trying to rehabilitate with our help and the help of our partner system and friends.


  • Age: Adult

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 5' 3"

  • System Role(s): Internal self helper, fictive

  • Orientation: Unsure

  • Species: YoRHa Unit Android

  • Source: NieR: Automata

  • Birthday: October 25

  • Emoji: 🤖

"I mean, if you want to call me Nines, it's totally okay."

Nines is an internal self helper like Aster, though he is more philosophical, in ways. Regardless, he is still a wonderful listener and he's always willing to help someone in need.


  • Age: 35

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 5' 8"

  • Nonverbal

  • System Role(s): Fictive

  • Orientation: Bi-curious

  • Species: Fable

  • Source: The Wolf Among Us

  • Birthday: June 24

  • Emoji: 🐺

"I thought we were all supposed to have a fresh start here. I can't change the past."

Bigby is fairly quiet in the headspace. He rarely ever fronts and, when he does, he's nonverbal. He spends most of his time in his own biome, just relaxing by himself. He sometimes comes to the center room, where he is mostly amiable, but he doesn't spend very much time there before returning to his apartment.


  • Age: 28

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 6' 3"

  • System Role(s): Guardian, fictive

  • Orientation: Bi-curious

  • Species: Computer sprite

  • Source: ReBoot

  • Birthday: February 26

  • Emoji: 💾

"My format: Guardian."

Matrix doesn't usually front. He stays in the watchtower with Trev and keeps watch when Trev is needed elsewhere. As a guardian, he makes sure the system is safe from internal issues, and he's very good at his job. While he looks gruff, he's very protective and kind.


  • Age: 27

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 5' 5"

  • System Role(s): Persecutor

  • Orientation: Unsure

  • Species: Human

  • Has a pronounced stutter; always very nervous

  • Birthday: May 30

  • Emoji: 🐔

"Who's not sat tense before their heart's own curtain?"

Iggy is a persecutor introject of a past abuser. He is not outwardly harmful, nor does he try to harm other sysmates. He is prone to self-harm and antogonizing more violent members into hurting him. When he fronts, he is mostly nonverbal due to his pronounced stutter. He is currently in rehabilitation.

Marshall Lee

  • Age: 21

  • Pronouns: He/him, they/them

  • Height: 6' 1"

  • Accent: Thick southern drawl

  • System Role(s): Enforcer

  • Orientation: Pansexual

  • Species: Human (most likely)

  • Total himbo

  • Birthday: January 11th

  • Emoji: 🤙

  • Preferred Music: 2000s Pop

"I am not ashamed to confess that I am ignorant of what I do not know."

Marshall came with a new role of his own that we had not heard of before: Enforcer. What this role is for, is enforcing system rules and keeping the peace in the outer world. Where we might be hesitant to enforce boundaries we wish to have with other people, Marshall would step in and do so for us.
Marshall is also somewhat of a mechanic. He likes to work on cars and knows quite a bit about them. When he fronts, he has a pronounced southern drawl. One might describe him as a punk grease monkey.


  • Age: 57

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 5' 6"

  • Accent: Swedish, mostly nonverbal

  • System Roles(s): Emotional Service Animal

  • Orientation: Unsure

  • Species: Husky

  • Birthday: January 20th

  • Emoji: 🐶

  • Preferred Music: House/EDM

"If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart."

Petr describes his role as an "Emotional Service Animal." He comforts sysmates in distress and tries to comfort others, as well. In the headspace, he speaks in a Swedish accent, though he is mostly nonverbal when he fronts. He is also the acting caretaker of our partner system's little.


  • Age: 6

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 4' 4"

  • System Role(s): Little

  • Species: Vampire

  • Vega's son

  • Sweetie pie

  • Birthday: November 25

  • Emoji: 🍭

"It is the childlike mind that finds the kingdom."

Bertrum is a little ray of sunshine, which is ironic considering he is a vampire like his father. He's always fairly happy and optimistic, and often encourages others. He's very self-sufficient and usually doesn't need much supervision, though he does request it when he fronts because he likes to spend time with his caretakers.


  • Age: 19

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 5' 7"

  • Accent: British

  • Orientation: Demisexual

  • Species: Dog

  • Birthday: February 19th

  • British

  • Emoji: 🐕

"If put to the pinch, an ounce of loyalty is worth a pound of cleverness."

Jackson formed during an extremely stressful point in our lives. He's the only sysmate who bypassed the gatekeeper process and came to front without knowing exactly what was going on. However, despite this, he adjusted fairly well. He spends most of his time reading in the headspace, or with our partner system if he fronts. You will know it's him due to his British accent.


  • Age: 29

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 5' 8"

  • Accent: German, usually nonverbal

  • System Role(s): Enforcer, fictive

  • Orientation: Pansexual

  • Species: Sensate

  • Birthday: August 8th

  • Emoji: ⛄

  • Front song: What's Up? by 4 Non Blondes

"Sometimes you make a mistake. You've got two choices: you live with it or you fix it."

Wolfgang came with the same role as Marshall did: an enforcer. He is mostly internal and regularly keeps the peace by pushing sysmates to own up to their mistakes and make right what might have been wrong. He fronts at times, especially when his front song is played, but he is mostly nonverbal due to the body not being able to reproduce his German accent.


  • Age: 24

  • Pronouns: She/her

  • Height: 5' 10"

  • Orientation: Lesbian

  • Species: Human

  • Birthday: April 4th

  • Bit eccentric

  • Emoji: ✌

"Do good and good will follow you."

Avalon is eccentric and can be described as a future hippie. Like a hippie if hippies were all about technology and liked vaporwave. She speaks with a typical "valley girl" inflection, and she's very sweet. She can be found meditating, most of the time, in the headspace, though she rarely fronts due to the conflicting gender of the body.


  • Age: ∞

  • Pronouns: He/him or they/them

  • Height: 5' 11"

  • Nonverbal

  • System Role(s): Gatekeeper

  • Orientation: ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Species: Oni

  • Chef

  • Birthday: March 30th

  • Emoji: 🍴

  • Front Song: Sick of the Sun by Poppy

"The wise understand by themselves; fools follow the reports of others."

Nanto is a gatekeeper along with Dante. His method is to quiz newcomers on what Dnate has told them and give them a reference phamphlet should they need to remember on their own. Other than that, he ushers them out into the headspace and tells them to learn through experience.
Nanto is the only sysmate who can cook. Sometimes his hair is white and sometimes it is black. We have noticed that, when his hair is black, he is wearing more "high fashion" type clothing. When it is white, he looks more like a tourist father on vacation.

Aizawa Shouta/Eraser Head

  • Age: 31

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 5' 7"

  • Nonverbal

  • System Role(s): Unsure, fictive

  • Orientation: ???

  • Species: Human

  • Source: My Hero Academia

  • Birthday: November 8

  • Emoji: 😴

  • Front Song: Boss Bitch by Doja Cat

"No good hero is a one trick pony."

Aizawa is very "quirky" (yes pun intended). At times, he is quiet and reserved, or asleep. Others, he is very absurd and nihilistic (in the positive sense). Regardless, he is always helpful, though he is nonverbal when in front.


  • Age: ??? Unknown

  • Pronouns: He/him, they/them, it/its

  • System Role(s): Fictive

  • Orientation: ??? None?

  • Species: Reptool

  • Source: Dinotrux

  • Birthday: May 17th

  • Emoji: 🦎

"Actually, I'm okay with this."

We aren't sure where Click-Clack came from or why he's here, but he's become fast friends with Bertrum and they spend time in the little's room just playing and doing silly things. The good thing is he keeps Bertrum from doing things that might be dangerous due to his high anxiety.


  • Age: Unknown

  • Pronouns: He/him, they/them, dae/daer

  • Height: 6' 3"

  • Accent: Irish

  • System Role(s): Unsure

  • Orientation: Dahlian

  • Species: ?

  • Birthday: June 2nd

  • Emoji: 🎩

"The expert magician seeks to deceive the mind, not the eye."

Silas is our newest sysmate, so far. He still isn't sure about himself for the most part, though he describes himself as a magician and illusionist. He enjoys steampunk fashion, medical things, magic tricks, card games, and claims to be a Pagan. He has an Irish accent in the headspace, though he doesn't try to reproduce it with the body.


  • Age: 24

  • Pronouns: He/him

  • Height: 5' 8"

  • System Role(s): Fictive

  • Orientation: Pansexual

  • Species: Human

  • Source: The Arcana

  • Birthday: June 13th

  • Emoji: 🔮

  • Front Song: This Is Home by Cavetown

"It was so hard, keeping secrets from you. I just wanted you to know."

Asra is a magician and fortune-teller. None of us have been able to catch him, and we've tried very hard. He seems playful and teasing, but there's an underlying care and kindness in his manner that makes him endearing.


  • Age: Forever 19

  • Pronouns: They/them

  • Height: 4' 10"

  • System Role(s): Fictive

  • Orientation: Pansexual

  • Species: Human (?)

  • Source: The Arcana

  • Birthday: July 2nd

  • Emoji: 🎓

"For me, it feels like an interruption."

Yousef is a nonbinary demiboy. They are a fictive version of the apprentice in The Arcana: A Mystic Romance. They seem very happy to be here with Asra, Ilya and Julian. They have said that Asra's wish for them to be here with him was what brought them here to begin with.